12. December 2023

Silk Data is committed to providing exceptional AI solutions

In the era of information technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming critical for businesses to deliver smart services or products that enhance the customer experience. Mobile application development is one of the perfect examples today where AI professionals use high-quality coding and exceptional design interfaces that add value to user experience.

Silk Data Is Committed To Providing Exceptional AI solutions

Silk Data is a reputable company that provides a wide range of AI and ML solutions for mobile app development. They have successfully delivered numerous projects for clients across the globe. If you want a company to turn your app ideas into reality, then Silk Data is a smart choice. Apart from mobile app development, they specialize in web development, IT consulting, prototyping, digital product maintenance, and enhancements that can help take your business to the next level.

Silk Data's expertise in mobile app development, specializing in AI and ML, helped it earn a prominent position on GoodFirms as one of the top artificial intelligence companies in Poland.

Silk Data uses advanced technologies to assist businesses in their growth.

Silk Data is a company founded in 2015 by experts with PhD titles and headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Its team has over 80 years of combined professional experience and aims to help businesses unleash their full potential in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science.

The company assisted its clients in developing mobile applications using cutting-edge technology for multiple platforms. Upon successful project completion, clients provided excellent ratings and reviews.

How can Silk Data assist businesses in utilizing AI technology?

According to the Tableau, in 1950, Mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing published Computer Machinery and Intelligence, which introduced a test of machine intelligence called the “limitation” Game. This revolutionary achievement helped IT experts to mature computer intelligence. Hence, the term "artificial intelligence" came into the picture.

Today, it is expected to use websites and mobile applications to stay relevant and accessible to users. Smartphone use is not limited to communication but various other things that help improve user experience.

Silk Data provides three main advantages of utilizing AI technology: Efficiency, Insight and Competitive Advantage.

Efficiency - Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers an automated solution for manual and repetitive tasks, reducing employees' workload and allowing them to concentrate on other essential aspects of growing their business. This technology also assists in delivering products or services on time, increasing reliability, and providing cost-effective solutions.

Insight - To achieve business success, gathering and analyzing rich data to gain insights into customers and optimize products and services is essential.

Competitive Advantage - The AI-powered solution enables businesses to stay ahead of the competition and sustain their position by implementing an innovative growth strategy.

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The following client reviews on GoodFirms demonstrate how Silk Data works with its clients professionally and ensures their satisfaction.

Husain Coovadia - Director at Ed Tech (Pty)Ltd
Director at Ed Tech (Pty)Ltd
Husain Coovadia

Silk Data provided a rapid and versatile solution to detect plagiarism in online exams during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim was to combat cheating and identify potential plagiarism in large-scale exams, where several hundred accounting students were submitting their scripts.

Mark Reemers - CEO at Reemers Publishing Services
CEO at Reemers Publishing Services
Mark Reemers

Silk Data´s ability to design, develop and maintain large projects using different technologies is impressive.

As a long-term partner, the Silk Data team still impresses us with high-quality code and their ability to keep up through all sprints.

Christoph Mueller - Product Development Manager at Gravity Global AG
Product Development Manager at Gravity Global AG
Christoph Mueller

We are impressed with the engagement Silk Data show toward our product. I've worked with Silk Data for years and am always impressed by the personal engagement we get from every single developer on our team. We have had multiple developers come and go, but ...

Mitya Smusin - Founder at Yellow
Founder at Yellow
Mitya Smusin

A development partner you can trust. Will come back with future initiatives.

Silk Data helped the client reach the deadline and exceed expectations. They had great communication skills and were fluent and transparent.

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Why do GoodFirms consider Silk Data the top selection for AI solutions?

The company's highly qualified and experienced AI professionals work with a meticulous approach and deliver projects on time. Their expertise in machine learning for various digital applications makes them a reliable AI partner in the global industry.

Silk Data is dedicated to being a reliable technology partner that delivers top-notch products tailored to their client's business requirements. They conduct extensive research and development using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Their primary goal is to help their clients reach their objectives and succeed.

Moreover, the company can integrate AI and ML technologies into mobile applications with their products.

The company's AI and ML integrated products:

  • Plagiarism detection system
  • Text summarization
  • AI-assisted search
  • Contract analysis
  • Semantic map

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The company offers mobile and web app development services to various industries, including SaaS, fintech, e-learning, e-publishing, and ecology. They have provided services to small and large companies, including Fortune 500, and achieved exceptional results.

Silk Data

Silk Data provides top-notch mobile applications powered by AI, which can help businesses achieve innovation and growth.

- GoodFirms


Silk Data specializes in developing mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms using advanced AI and ML technologies. They have a team of experienced and skilled IT professionals with expertise in AI and ML who are dedicated to producing excellent results that add value to their clients' time and money. With their expertise in complex projects, businesses can rely on Silk Data to help them succeed, regardless of the project size.

Additionally, they offer a wide range of services and products utilizing these technologies, making them the most sought-after company in the industry!

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Silk Data
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