About Silk Data

About Silk Data

We have been developing AI models with high data accuracy for more than 10 years, and our key experts have PhD degrees.
With us, you will have a clear understanding of the entire solution development process thanks to a streamlined process and guaranteed reliable communication.
With Silk Data, you can be sure that your data is in good hands.

About Silk Data

Our mission is helping companies harness the full potential of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science. Silk Data experienced team and in-depth expertise ensure exceptional quality, reliability, and security.  

Our company’s symbol – a butterfly that carefully and masterfully spins silk – mark of an elitism and status. Our team, with enthusiasm and ease of communication, develops high quality products with unique user-based experience. 

Directions of our work 

  • AI/ML consulting
  • AI/ML development
  • Data science and Advanced Analytics
  • IT consulting & prototyping services
  • Web app development
  • Mobile app development
  • DevOps

Our specialists proficiency 

About Silk Data

Spheres and specializations

Geographically, our clients are located in Europe, USA and South Africa. We are particularly focused on developing solutions for clients in finance and banking, education and e-learning, environment, retail and many others. Our experience enables us to effectively support our clients' business processes, reliability and innovation in every project.


Partnership is a crucial concept for us as it forms the foundation of our relationships. We view it as a steadfast commitment to achieving common goals and are open to collaboration. Simultaneously, all the projects we engage in enable our team to better comprehend and enhance the industry's capabilities.

Silk Data: Partnership

Meet our top-flight management team

Yuri Svirid
PhD, 30+ years of practical experience in IT
Nikolai Karelin
Head of AI
PhD, 20+ years of scientific and practical experience
Kirill Malyhin
8+ years in Software Development
Dmitry Raituzov
10+ years in
Finance and IT

Why work with us

Silk Data: Why work with us

Projects in 10 countries in Europe and USA

Silk Data: Why work with us

Founders with PhD degree

Silk Data: Why work with us

Implemented an AI solution for a government education project

Silk Data: Why work with us

60+ in-house engineers at mid+ level

Silk Data: Why work with us

High level of team stability

Silk Data: Why work with us

Best practices and standards of data security and confidentiality

Text Summarization
Communal service
Contract Analysis
Supermarket chain
AI-assisted Search
Large-scale image search system
Predictive Analytics
Web Crawling
Semantic Map
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