GRAVITY is a professional digital tool that helps enterprises cut on learning and training costs by providing their employees with the opportunity to be educated on applications while using them.

Time: Since 2017


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Project Idea

A Swiss company approached us with the notion of creating specialized software that would aid customers in navigating the site or the application. This would make it easier for the support department to work. The key concept of this development was that the user was not lost when they first entered the website or application. But was able to determine what to do without assistance from specially trained staff. The software's straightforward logic and interface, which would be simple for the company's personnel to understand and wouldn't require any intricate configuration manipulation, served as another significant development criterion.


The solution fully met the needs of the customer. 4 types of callouts were created. Callouts can be used with any application, software, business process, Sharepoint, or web page. Users' activities are regularly audited, and the progress dynamic is visible. In the most advanced way it helps to track the path of the client and optimize the site according to the received data. Silk Data professionals have overseen the product’s architecture and development, meeting strict requirements for security, usability, and UX/UI. Silk Data provides comprehensive support for the installation and further maintenance of the software.


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The user has a variety of options for training with four different sorts of callouts. Using Sharepoint or web sites, callouts can be applied directly to apps or business processes. The progress of users is regularly observed and monitored.

Gradual callout

GRAVITY helps users create an effective learning process by using gradual callouts that assist users as they are interacting with the application.


Notification callout

Organizations can still communicate with their workers using notification callout. This feature is excellent for sharing immediate information.

Individual callout

The individual callout gives the user the relevant details for any type of content, whether it's text or images.

Info callout

GRAVITY's info callouts alert staff to new features in the application.

Multilingual callout

The platform supports different languages. Furthermore, the editor can customize the callouts in any desired language. Switching languages is also a very simple process - switching is displayed directly in the browser.

Control and monitor

As mentioned, the activity of users is constantly monitored. The editor has access to a dashboard console, so all user actions can be analyzed and later used to optimize the content of the site or application according to the provided information.


  • The key takeaway from the created platform is that 7 large banking systems use the software on an ongoing basis.
  • GRAVITY also helps to reduce support cost tremendously.
  • Another major result is that staff can be used for other important tasks as the support function falls entirely on GRAVITY.
  • GRAVITY software can be rolled out rapidly without separate training.
  • And, of course, increased loyalty of both existing and new users - GRAVITY allows to remove barriers in the study of new and complicated processes.
Text Summarization
Communal service
Contract Analysis
Supermarket chain
AI-assisted Search
Large-scale image search system
Predictive Analytics
Web Crawling
Semantic Map

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