MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Web app MMC - is a marketing automation solution. It represents the combination of classic digital marketing tools enriched with advanced digital capabilities.

MMC – Marketing Automation Software

MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Web app MMC - is a marketing automation solution. It represents the combination of classic digital marketing tools enriched with advanced digital capabilities.s

Marketing Agency's Problem 

The client faced challenges with the complex structure of marketing in project management and using automation tools. Simultaneously, the company could be involved in around 20 projects with different specialists. There were issues with response times, frequent disruptions, and inconsistencies in work. The client wants to use marketing automation best practices to speed up and improve project work and eliminate errors. 

About the project

The project is an marketing agency with a enterprise marketing automation department and a complex structure. The team consists of over 155 people who need automation of strategy solutions, analytics insights, customer experience and lead generation. The company manages multiple sales funnels and uses various communication channels with users. 




5 years


18 specialists

Proposed Marketing Automation Software

Proposed Marketing Automation Software

The lead developers at Silk Data proposed creating a custom marketing automation software tailored to the client's needs, automating project work, collecting analytics, and organizing the team's work effectively. A user-friendly interface and working principle, built on the Kanban board method, makes the process simple and convenient for everyone.  The platform also features AI capabilities, is user-friendly, and offers additional features and extensions. This solution allows employees to use their saved time more efficiently. To achieve the highest quality, Silk Data specialists established server architecture, created user interface and UX concepts, web platform development, and tested it. 

Functionalities Of Marketing Automation For Agencies 

The MMC marketing automation software operates based on several AI-integrated modules that users can customize, mix, and choose the ones that best suit their team. Each module has its functions, ensuring efficient work and excellent results.

MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Campaign and budget planning

  • Organization and execution of projects and events, metrics tracking (conversion rates and others).
  • Project timeline and budget estimation with the ability to make changes.
  • Tracking project progress, budget and roi analysis.
MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Flexible project management

  • Task division into stages, delegation to team members, structured task execution, engagement tips.
  • Assignment of tasks with different priority levels.
  • Reduction of time spent on document approval through project participant coordination.
  • Libraries and collections for teams and partners with access to the latest content.
  • Unified identity with the ability to customize templates for various team members. 
MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Analytics and reporting

  • Data collection and analysis system to create detailed reports on projects and marketing campaigns.
  • Visualization of key metrics for real-time decision-making.
MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Risk management system

  • Pre-assessment mechanism for proactive management of potential project issues.
  • Automated notifications of potential risks and action plans.
MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Marketing campaign automation

  • Creation and management of marketing and email campaigns using templates, targeting methods and personalization tactics.
  • Optimization of advertising budgets and support for A/B testing to enhance effectiveness.
  • After installation, the extension button appears in the extensions menu;
  • If the user activates the extension by clicking on its icon, the extension provides analysis for the current tab. 
MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Customer experience management module

  • Tracking and analysis of customer interactions with the company's products or services.
  • Personalized approach to customers based on their preferences and interaction history in social media.
MMC – Marketing Automation Software

Other features

  • Integration with popular marketing tools, CRM systems, and social networks for automatic data exchange.
  • Data export and import capability for information exchange between different projects and platforms.
  • Module for tracking updates and providing technical support to platform users.
  • Integration of training materials and training for staff aimed at improving skills and efficiency. 

Benefits Of Marketing Automation With AI

Integration services of artificial intelligence (AI advanced analytics) significantly improved the functionality of MMC, increasing efficiency and providing users with more advanced capabilities:  

  • Content creation
    Use of AI to analyze user preferences and behavior for personalized content creation and branding strategies.
    Benefits: Increased audience engagement, improved customer experience.
  • Automated data analysis
    Use of AI algorithms for automatic analysis of large volumes of data, identifying trends and patterns.
    Benefits: Reduction of analysis time, quick decision-making based on current information.
  • Automatic advertising budget management
    Automatic determination of optimal advertising budget allocation based on past channel effectiveness data.
    Benefits: Resource savings and maximization of advertising results.
  • Automated testing
    Use of AI for automatic testing of platform functionality, detecting potential issues and errors.
    Benefits: Increased platform stability and reliability.
  • Recommendation systems
    Integration of recommendation systems based on user preferences analysis to suggest optimal marketing strategies.
    Benefits: Increased efficiency of marketing decisions.
  • Campaign results forecasting
    AI marketing automation analyze data from past marketing campaigns and predict potential outcomes for new ones.
    Benefits: Budget and resource optimization, improvement of marketing strategies.
  • Risk forecasting and management
    Use of AI algorithms to forecast possible risks and propose measures for their management.
    Benefits: Prevention of potential problems and increased project success.

Key results

Talking about the key results of the created marketing automation for agencies, it is essential to mention how much valuable resources MMC saves. Thus, the system allows easily transitioning the marketing team into digital, synchronizing and making each employee's work more standardized. The platform can be used by an unlimited number of participants, making MMC suitable for any business, from marketing automation for small business to large corporations. MMC also fully complies with necessary security standards and ensures maximum data confidentiality. The  platform is adapted for use in both b2c marketing automation and b2b marketing automation. 

Custom Web Application Development
  • According to statistics, this platform enables saving up to 42% of one employee's working time by providing automation across a wide range of features and real-time statistics capabilities.
  • Response times have been reduced to 2-3 minutes, and project downtime has been eliminated.
  • Marketing process improvement: 25% increase in efficiency due to additional features.
  • Customer satisfaction growth: 20% increase in customer satisfaction levels due to improved interaction and personalization.
  • Risk reduction: 30% decrease in the likelihood of problems arising.
  • Complete transition to modern marketing automation trends.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing automation software is a web application that encompasses tools for optimizing and simplifying the processes of promoting products or services through the automation of various marketing tasks. 

Marketing automation is applied for efficiently managing advertising campaigns, collecting and analyzing data, personalizing customer interactions, and automating routine tasks, freeing up time for strategic thinking and creativity.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation are not identical. CRM focuses on managing customer relationships, while marketing automation covers a wide range of marketing tasks, including content marketing automation, advertising campaign automation, customer interaction automation, email lead generation, and analytics. 

Marketing automation is utilized by marketers and entire marketing departments in both B2B and B2C segments, including marketing department managers, marketers, social media managers (SMM), SEO specialists, PPC specialists, entrepreneurs, sales teams, and anyone aiming to optimize processes in promoting company products and services. 

Initiating marketing automation should begin with analyzing business processes and requirements, identifying key moments for automation, selecting appropriate software, and training personnel. Based on the analysis of the current situation in the department or company, specific goals are set for solving particular tasks. 

To develop marketing automation, it is crucial to define specific goals, choose suitable tools, configure a monitoring and results analysis system, and maintain continuous updates and optimization of processes. 

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