MMC is a comprehensive solution for marketing automation software. It represents the combination of classic marketing tools enriched with advanced digital capabilities.

Time: Since 2018


The marketing department's work is complex and intricate and needs special consideration both during the early stages of planning new projects and afterwards. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to create a comprehensive system that would simplify marketing. The client needed a visual tool that would let the team effectively handle any kind of project, work procedure, or assignment.


Our team was asked to help to create a platform that would be the perfect solution. Moreover, additional features make the transition to digital comfortable for the entire team. A user-friendly interface and working principle, built on the Kanban board method, makes the process simple and convenient for everyone. Due to the application, employees can use their saved time more rationally. To achieve the highest level of quality, Silk Data professionals established the server architecture, created the UI and UX concepts, executed the application, and tested it.


The work of the MMC platform is based on several modules that users can customize, mix, and choose which ones are best for the team. Each module has its own functions to ensure efficient operation and excellent results.

Campaign and Budget Planning

  • Ensure that projects and activities are organized and carried out
  • Assess the timing and budget for the project and make any necessary changes
  • Monitor the progress of the project, the expenses, and the budget for the project

Creative and Production Workflows

The task will no longer require complex and long work since it can be separated into steps, delegated to any team member, and carried out in a structured way.

Agile Project Management

It is important that each member of the team has the right to assign any priority level to tasks, split up responsibilities, and manage job loads on a board so that the work сan be done more efficiently.

Review and Approval Center

Cut time spent working on one document via long e-mails. The Review and Approval Center helps coordinate the activities of participants in the project.

Digital asset management

Libraries and collections for teams and partners can guarantee that everyone engaged has access to the most recent and legally permissible content at all times.

Brand and Service Portals

Provide a consistent identity while allowing sales, designers, or any team member to alter templates for their own purposes.

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Key Results

Speaking about the key outcomes of the created framework, it’s hard not to mention how many valuable resources MMC saves. Therefore, the system makes it easy to transfer the marketing team to digital, synchronize and make the work of each employee more unified. The platform can be used by an unlimited number of participants, so MMC will meet the needs of any business, from small start-ups to huge corporations.


  • 2 Front-end developers
  • 8 Back-end developers
  • Scrum master
  • QA engineer
  • Product owner
  • 5 Project Managers

Project info

Text Summarization
Communal service
Contract Analysis
Supermarket chain
AI-assisted Search
Large-scale image search system
Predictive Analytics
Web Crawling
Semantic Map

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