AI Resume Screening for Recruiters

Automated CV screening is an AI-powered applicant screening software that helps recruiters transform unstructured resumes into a standardized format, find qualified job seekers, and generate interview questions based on their skills and experience to help HR filter out the best job applicants.  

AI Resume Screening for Recruiters


Our client struggled with screening high-volume resumes sourced from diverse channels and presented in various formats. This led to inefficient CV evaluation and increased hiring costs.  Relying on 10 years of experience in AI consulting and development, the Client turned to Silk Data for an automated resume screening software to streamline their hiring workflow and help them deliver high-potential matches for job openings. 

About the project

Our client is a leading talent acquisition company specializing in efficiently building candidate pools to fill open positions for their end customers. 

Development Stages

Silk Data’s IT specialists divided the CV analysis development into six main stages: 

AI Resume Screening for Recruiters


We identified the problem of resume processing and evaluation as a common pain point for recruiters and came up with the idea of using AI for resume screening.

AI Resume Screening for Recruiters


Through in-depth market research and user interviews, we gained a comprehensive understanding of our clients' needs, industry benchmarks in resume analysis, and current trends in candidate matching technologies.

AI Resume Screening for Recruiters


We created a high-level design of CV screening software, defining the main features, functionalities, and user interface. We also defined the data sources, formats, and models that would be used for resume conversion, recommendation, matching, and generation.

AI Resume Screening for Recruiters


Silk Data’s specialists used ChatGPT integration services as the core technology, along with other tools and frameworks for data processing, web development, and user interaction. They followed agile methodologies and best practices to ensure the quality and efficiency of the newly developed resume checker.

AI Resume Screening for Recruiters


We performed various tests to ensure the functionality, performance, accuracy, and usability of the solution. They also collected feedback from the client and potential users to validate and improve the solution.

AI Resume Screening for Recruiters


We deployed the solution in the client's environment, ensuring its compatibility and security. To empower the client's team, we provided comprehensive documentation, training, and ongoing support.

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Following the SLA, Silk Data team developed a solution that meets the client's needs. How does automated resume screening work?

  • It converts unstructured resumes into structured data using AI, enabling efficient comparison and in-depth analysis of candidate skills and experience.

    AI Resume Screening for Recruiters
  • The AI engine matches candidates' profiles against job description, showcasing highly relevant CVs for recruiters' review.

  • It matches candidates with relevant job openings based on their skills, qualifications, and preferences. AI finds relevant skills, even if worded differently.

    AI Resume Screening for Recruiters
  • Resume screening AI creates custom interview questions for each candidate's profile, allowing hiring managers to assess their fit and potential more effectively.

    AI Resume Screening for Recruiters
  • The platform facilitates pre-screening chats with shortlisted candidates. Recruiters might have a ‘virtual interview’ with the applicant for efficient assessment through standardized questions.

    AI Resume Screening for Recruiters

Positive Outcomes for the Client

Positive Outcomes for the Client

Our CV screening software utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms for AI screening and candidate evaluation. This facilitates a data-driven approach to talent acquisition, which speeds up the entire screening process.

With the developed solution delivered by Silk Data, the Client received the following improvements in the CV analysis:

  • A 40% increase in the quality and diversity of their talent pool.
  • A 20% boost in their employer brand and reputation.
  • Our AI solution cuts resume screening time and hiring costs in half.
  • Client feedback indicates high candidate relevance and accuracy.

Silk Data goes beyond streamlining your hiring process with resume screening tools. We can also equip our clients with contract analysis software that automates contract preparation and review, saving valuable time and resources.

AI Resume Screening for Recruiters

Frequently Asked Questions

It refers to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to candidates’ assessments in the hiring process. While screening CV, AI can measure candidates' personality traits, cognitive abilities, and problem-solving skills to determine their compatibility with the job and the company culture. 

AI for CV screening is revolutionizing hiring by offering a bias-free approach. A whopping 42% of companies, according to an IMB survey, have already integrated this technology. From sourcing applicants to matching them to the right role, AI can streamline the entire hiring cycle. This not only significantly reduces screening time but also empowers recruiters to build a robust pool of qualified candidates.

The best resume screening software automates the initial candidate selection process. The applicant tracking system (ATS) scans resumes for keywords and criteria matching the job description. Extracted information like skills, work history, and education is then organized for easy analysis. Resumes with strong keyword matches and relevant details receive higher rankings. This allows recruiters to quickly identify top candidates for further review.

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