Communal service

Our client cares about the cleanliness of the city and the environment every day, and Silk Data helps to facilitate and automate this process.

Time: 5 months

Client overview

The client is a German organization that has been established to keep the city clean since 1994. Nowadays, it is the largest waste management service provider in the city which operates on government, commercial and private orders. It offers collection of recyclable materials and waste disposal, as well as cleaning services, from a single source.


It was a pretty common issue among the citizens that people didn’t know the exact date and time of waste collection in the city.
The client cares about the state of the environment and the cleanliness of the city, and it was important to make recycling not a problem for city residents but a convenient process.
The solution must be a cross-platform mobile app for cleaning departments. One of the most needed features was to make it possible to notify users about collection time directly before the process and give citizens the opportunity to create custom notifications. Furthermore, the ability to add more than one address was necessary.
What was important for the client was having digital reports of waste collection for sustainable development. These reports would tremendously help in estimating work quality and speed, which would adjust communication between the company and its users and be conducive to future planning.


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The emphasis here was on sustainable technology, modern design and mobile offering capabilities to reach a positive client experience.
Barrier-free access to all content and services was also taken into account.
The main functionalities of the application are:

  • garbage collection calendar: exact date and time
  • recycling center locator
  • pollution hotline
  • zero waste map: easily helps with waste prevention.

Key Results

The application with a pickup calendar and a recycling center search appeared in a new look in December 2021.
The team delivered two mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms.
Here are our results, which we achieved after publishing:

  • 6 months of sustainable operation of the app
  • 20K+ unique active users
  • 25K+ downloads on App Store and Google Play
  • decreased the processing time of any request by 20% during the first four months.

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