How we helped create a mobile application for contactless payment with a band. The SQ1 FLEX mobile app makes it easy to manage all activities for a Flex Band wherever you are.

Time: 1 year

Client Overview

Our client is the American company SQ1 FLEX. Its activity is to provide special Flex Bands for payments. The company can boast of its cooperation with the UFC as well as its own success in the sale of wearables.


In order to produce wearables more efficiently, the company needed a solid mobile application. So users could link a credit card and a Flex Band together and then control their payments. Since the application had to be directly linked to the client's personal information, it was important to make it as secure as possible. Silk Data has extensive experience with highly secure payment apps, and in this case, our team understood how to fully cover all client requirements.

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The solution Silk Data helped deliver is a cross-platform mobile application with numerous profitable features. The main function of the application is activating the Flex Band.

  • Sharing an account with the family
  • End-users can manage the kids’ allowances, send and receive payments and track spending
  • Load funds into an account
  • Transfer money
  • Monitor transactions and rewards
  • Manage security settings
  • With the application, losing the Flex Band will not be a problem, since the user can suspend its account

Key Results

A mobile application is now available on the App Store and Google Play. A developed mobile app provides a quick way to convert from traditional banking to online banking. Numerous helpful features are included in the solution to manage cards and wearables with robust security and all-inclusive customer support.


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