Text Summarization

Every day we are confronted with a huge amount of information, whether it be news articles and websites or huge lecture notes and textbooks. In many cases, 2 hours is not even enough for a cursory reading of such material. Moreover, not every text that needs to be read is interesting or, indeed, understandable.

And here, Silk Data helps with this challenge!

What is Text Summarization?

Text Summarization is a tool that compresses text from its lengthy, complex form to a short, intelligible one using AI and different algorithms. The summarization tool wraps all the key points of the text into an abbreviated version.

For instance, putting 5000 words of information into the summarizer can produce a 300-word version that is much easier to read and understand.

Text Summarization is developed to help companies unlock the full potential of machine learning, AI, and data science for solving their business tasks and getting competitive edge.

How does it work?

Our Text Summarization tool uses AI algorithms to "read" all content, understand its meaning, and break it down into a more concise version. The algorithm identifies key topics and perspectives to mark levels of importance for each word, sentence, phrase, and paragraph.

And it shows the results as an in-context highlight (reader may examine nearby text or images) or link preview in the case of a browser extension.

In addition to our lightweight solution for smart reading and text browsing, we provide business customers with a powerful AI-based technology for text understanding and knowledge extraction. 


The solution is designed to perform a wide range of content-related tasks, from automated Text Summarization to the extraction of generic and user-specific insights.

Abstractive vs extractive

In our development, we utilize an extractive approach, where the most important sentences are selected from the source text. Text generation tasks may generate counterfactual or nonsense text (so-called hallucinations) and are not appropriate for some applications, but they are more or less “state of the art” in such systems.


The current solution can support more than 20 languages, with the possibility of being extended to other languages. And custom vocabularies can be added.


As it is powered by Machine Learning, the software provides unlimited opportunities for business and private users to train on custom datasets and run data.

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Where you can use it?

The purpose of summarizing can be different. So here are the industries we deliver Text Summarization tool for:

  • Contract pre-screening
  • Report studying
  • News reading
  • Copywriting
  • Summary generation
  • Book indexing
  • Book review/promo preparation

Our experience

MVP tailored for customer needs was successfully implemented, including specific input document format and display features.

You can check out our demo version of Text Summarization using our web interface here or install an extension for Google Chrome from the Chrome Store.


How exactly do we know that the highlighted information is useful?

Our Text Summarization tool was evaluated on news and similar examples, and the accuracy of conveying the meaning of the summarized text and the original one was high enough. However, on specialized cases other approaches can be required. Please examine our case study on Contract Analysis as an example of specialized summarization solution.

Text Summarization integration model? 

Currently, we can provide a free demo showing some tool features and integration capabilities. We already have two integration models: TextExplorer and Briefly (both with browser plugins and web UI). If you need to integrate the Text Summarization tool in a specific way, our team can help you with customization, training of a specialized model, and integration per user request.

Price policy for Text Summarization? 

The demos are provided free of charge. For customization and integration, feel free to schedule a call with our team and we will discuss your idea!

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