IT consulting & Prototyping Services

IT consulting and prototyping often go hand in hand. Essential feature of these two services is to help businesses stay competitive in fast-paced digital landscape. By leveraging the expertise of IT consultants and prototyping teams, businesses can identify areas for improvement and develop innovative solutions that drive growth and success.

IT consulting and Prototyping are frequently intertwined
IT consultant

IT consulting

IT consulting involves providing expert advice and support to businesses on how to use technology to achieve their objectives. It encompasses a range of activities, from analyzing business requirements to developing solutions, testing, and maintenance.

IT consulting services of Silk Data are:

  • Data analysis;
  • Web application development;
  • Mobile application development;
  • DevOps;
  • Quality assurance and IT audit;
  • Business analysis;
  • Project management.
IT consultant

Why do you need IT consulting?

  • Improved productivity and efficiency;
  • Reduced costs and increased profitability;
  • Enhanced security and compliance;
  • Access to specialized knowledge and skills;
  • Independent review of existing projects with current vendor.

What IT consulting involves

  • Assessing business requirements and identifying technology solutions;
  • Designing, testing, and implementing IT systems;
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance;
  • Advising on emerging technologies and security protocols.
Text Summarization
Communal service
Contract Analysis
Supermarket chain
AI-assisted Search
Large-scale image search system
Predictive Analytics
Web Crawling
Semantic Map
Prototyping Service is the process of creating a preliminary sample of a product


Prototyping is a technique used to develop and test new software applications, websites or other IT products as it’s important part of any development cycle. Rather than creating the final product upfront, a prototype is developed to test its functionality and validate its suitability for business requirements.

Why do we need prototyping?

New Product Development identifies features and functionalities that work best for users.

Application Development tests different UI designs and layouts, making sure user is getting a great experience.

Software Upgrade or Redesign analyzes what needs to be redesigned, upgraded, or removed.


  • Shorter Development Time - Prototyping speeds up the development process by providing faster feedback cycles and identifying issues earlier;
  • Better User Experience - Prototyping allows for user testing and feedback, which can lead to an application that better matches user needs and preferences;
  • Reduced Risks – Prototyping helps to test and refine a product or system early in the development process, spot issues, and make informed decisions based on real-world feedback.
Prototyping benefits: shorter development time, better user experience, reduced risks
Mobile and Web applications prototyping

Our prototyping services:

  • Mobile application prototyping;
  • Web application prototyping.

Prototyping circle:

  • Requirements gathering;
  • Develop the prototype using the appropriate tools and technologies;
  • Test the prototype against the requirements and validate its functionality;
  • Refine and iterate the prototype based on feedback;
  • Start of the development.
Silk Data steps in prototyping

Why Silk Data for IT consulting and prototyping?

Structured Process

We develop and follow a structured process, with regular feedback and iterations based on real-world testing. 


We understand that each business has unique requirements, and we strive to provide customized solutions that fit those needs.


At Silk Data there are experts with experience and in-depth knowledge of the technologies. The expertise helps us not only fullfil client’s needs but to suggest successful patterns.

Up-to-Date with Emerging Technologies

Our team stays on top of new technology trends and emerging threats to identify opportunities for innovation and manage risks effectively.

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