Cloud Infrastructure Implementation & Management

Cloud Infrastructure Implementation & Management
Cloud Infrastructure Implementation & Management

For years Silk Data has partnered with LookUp! on the cloud infrastructure implementation project. LookUP! is a cross-platform solution that help publishers and writers to post their books and articles.

There have been 3 main directions: 1) server side, 2) web part and 3) mobile application.

Our collaboration has led to noticeable improvements in their work and significant perspectives in Silk Data activities.

Text Summarization
Communal service
Contract Analysis
Supermarket chain
AI-assisted Search
Large-scale image search system
Predictive Analytics
Web Crawling
Semantic Map
What’s the Purpose Of Cloud Infrastructure Implementation & Management?   

Cloud infrastructure implementation is known as a process of building and managing computer resources such as virtual servers and data warehouses in the special remote servers called ‘clouds’.

This solution provides businesses with such benefits as scalability, flexibility, resource savings, security and simple administration.

The importance of all these factors is hard to overestimate, so LookUP! wished to obtain them all.

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As three directions were covered all of them benefited from our work: 
  • Server side

We coordinated the upcoming work and implemented several technical solutions regarding data migration and management, cost optimization and easier work with databases.

  • Web part

New solutions regarding data containing and server-to-server/client-to-client traffic. Further plans for customisation management were set.

  • Mobile development

Improvements regarding automatic updates and client customisation management. Next goal – automatic apps upload in Google Play and App Store.

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Why Do You Need Cloud Infrastructure Implementation & Management?

Cloud resources can be scaled up or down as needed. This allows companies to respond quickly to changing workloads and requirements. 

Flexibility and adaptability
Cloud infrastructure allows companies to quickly build and test new applications and services without having to purchase and configure new hardware. 

Resource savings
The cloud enables optimised resource utilisation, which can save money on hardware and energy costs. 

Availability and resilience
Cloud providers typically provide high availability and data backup, which provides resilience for websites and applications. 

Security management
Cloud providers invest in data and infrastructure security, which helps protect information from cyber threats and data loss.

Simplify administration
Cloud platforms provide tools to automate and manage resources, making management processes more efficient.

Was the cooperation useful?  

Silk Data successfully met all LookUP!'s requirements and exceeded expectations. The collaboration continues, with plans for further system improvements. LookUP! remains a trusted partner for future projects.

You may find out more details from our blog post.

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